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Happy New Year

Happy New Year~! I finally finished my certificate last year, so I am not going to school the next semester. I’m so happy that I don’t have to worry about that much. It’s been really hard and stressful the past few months. All I done was focus on my studies and my life. It was a bit refreshing. I didn’t play many MMO (mass multi-player games). I know if I was sucked into a new MMO then I probably wouldn’t have pass my course.

I’ve been having trouble with Income Tax. I decided this year that I should change my lifestle. My new year’s resolution are to get in shape, get a job, and to write in my journal more (I think blogs count as well?)…



So, another Christmas has come and gone. I got a few things. One of the favorite things I got was from my Auntie Susan. It’s a mini-massager. That will come in handy– unless my mom decides to hide it from me (like she has done with a few things of mine). I also got a Gir beanie which feels so warm, and comfortable to wear. So, I believe this year was a good haul (from people who are indirectly to me).

I know family and friends are the most important things during this time of the year. But, watching almost everyone around me get more presents then me (at my family gathering) just upset me. I think it’s because everyone is younger than I. But, still… We did Secret Santa this year. I believe I just got someone else’s Christmas present, because the pajamas didn’t fit me at all. I tried it last night, and the shirt felt small.

Well, we went to Auntie Susan’s on Christmas. That’s where I got the messager. She was saying that the $20 was more important. But honestly, I think the massager is since I’m also dealing with stress. When I got home, I wanted to play Metro 2033 a bit more, but I decided against it, and started playing Dragon Quest IX. I’m on the final boss, and I am determined to beat the game, especially on my brand new 3DS XL. I’ve been wanting a 3DS for awhile too. So, I’m pretty happy.


My History with Nintendo and more

It’s so sad to see NP (Nintendo Power) go. And, to think I use to get the magazines as a child. They have also changed over the years. I bought a copy of their magazine yesterday. I looked through it, but haven’t read the article’s as of yet.

I read some of the letters in Pulse though. My favorite letter from that section will always be about that kid who wrote in about Epona’s song. He said, “he was waiting for the bus and he was humming Epona’s song. A minute later (or so) the bus came.”

I had the fondest moments with Nintendo systems over the years. We grew up on the SNES. It’s also thanks to my brother, who got me into Harvest Moon for the SNES. I had a surgery, which lead me unable to walk for some months. He rented Harvest Moon for me on week, and I don’t remember if I fell in love with the series then or not. It was interesting to say the least. I know I was sad to see it end.

Another of my favorite memories, when looking back; is half-watching my brother get to the Temple of time and meeting Rauru for the first time. I was sitting back and had beat Pokemon Red for the first time.

We stopped getting NP after my brother “lost” our N64 controllers (they were stolen by a neighbor). Plus, he the got a PS1 (shortly) afterward. He didn’t play any Nintendo systems much anymore. And, this is starting to sound like a gaming creepypasta that I read. Trust me it won’t end like that. It’s just me reminiscing on my life being a fan girl.

I got into handheld gaming then. I first got a fushia pink GBA, and brought that to school to play Pokemon Ruby. I played the game a lot during lunch with my friends. And, then we moved (I am unsure if I got a SP system). When I moved up here, I asked my parents for a GameCube, and I got to buy my own Phat DS system. I gave away my Phat DS system to my cousin (because I was either force or told to). But, I sold it nontheless. I got a DSL, afterwards. And, from then on I got the upgraded versions of the DS (Dsi).

Even though, I just ran through the list of DS systems in the last paragraph, I know I will always be a fan girl of Nintendo. Mostly because I love Harvest Moon. And, Harvest Moon games (for the most part) have been releasing on their systems. Yet, it’s mostly on the handhelds. And, ironically so has Pokemon games. I’ve already missed one 3DS Harvest Moon game (and no I’m not going to rebuy it). I already own it.

Now, I think I will play some Ocarina of Time (NP’s number one game of all time) on my Wii. I still want this game on my 3DS.


School has come and gone again. I passed all m y classes as well. This closes a chapter in my life, and opens another. I am bot happy and yet scared. I got my certificate in accounting. And, all is right in the world. Now, I have to go into job training. But, in the mean time I would like to relax, and write and draw. These are the things I missed over the last three years. Although, my mind draws a blank when I try to write. I wish these was something that could easily come to mind. especially since I draw my inspiration from people around me, and video games….

I have a weird taste in games, In the past week, I played a bit of Dragon Quest IX (mostly in school). Lately I’ve seen a blue and white dog in Best Buy, when my boyfriend and I gone there in the past few months. I (oddly enough) started thinking about it in art class. I don’t know why. And, we were looking at fresco and sculptures in Rome.

It’s called a Wappy Dog. It’s made by Activision, which was bought by Blizzard (I believe). My Wappy Dog is named Wappy, and it’s a girl. I determined this by Wappy’s voice when I converse with it. The game “box” contained an interactive Wappy Dog, the game on DS and a doggie bone stylist. I got it at Walmart for $50. I have to thing is the stylist really worth the $20?!

Anyway, I checked my grades for income tax on Thursday. It was the last thing I did before going to bed. I got a 30/30!! I was so happy and excited. I went to bed happy, yet had a nightmare all in one night. But I believe I got through it. And, it now seems far away.

Art Write Up #1

I went to the California state treasury yesterday for four hours, looking at all the nooks and crannies. It was very interesting to me, and to see things that we’ve (my dad and I) never seen before.  My dad is very knowledgeable when it comes to various surroundings, and places one might go (i.e. San Fran). But, he was my tour guide nonetheless.

Our adventure started about one PM (we had stopped at a few places first, mainly to get food for me; I haven’t eaten anything since the night before). We walked around the building first. The building has many names besides State Treasury. It’s named State Building 1, State Building 2, and some other name that I cannot remember. This is all besides the State Treasury (of course). Plagues inside the State Treasury say it is called State Building 2, a piece of paper inside the front of the building says it’s called number one.

Anyway, we started up on the sixth floor (which used to be a café in the past), but we couldn’t go into it because we’re not allowed.  It’s a file room now. Then we venture into the fifth floor and into the pediment, but was somewhat disappointed that one could not get close up into the statues of the pediment, because of the offices— cubicles. But, I was in the pediment, and that’s what counts.  We saw pictures on the wall that pertained to the construction of the building, and its early days.

We went inside the Volute’s of the building, and it really was impressive. Each lobby (for the staff) was incased in marble (even the men’s bathroom). We also went down into the basement, where the western staircase was also in marble. But, floors five through two weren’t really impressive anymore because of the renovations done on the building. Yet, they still had a lot of marble drinking fountains which were not in use.

The lobby was decked out with 6 square columns, and sixteen Doric columns. It was very spacious. I know I’ll have to probably come back and take a look around at them again. The floors where made out of marble as well. The outside had 10 columns, which were Doric but they’re coverings were Ionic.  And, each entrance held two plagues (which eight are unaccounted for according to the research that my dad did). And, the outside had two statues made out of marble I believe.  The whole building (except the first floor) is made out of Terracotta (clay, brick like material). The first floor was made out of granite, which was expensive.

The Adventures of Super Fammy consisted of 13-15 stories (two seasons in my mind). Between those two “seasons” I’ve added new people (i.e. Karth and Karen).  Around the time I stop writing about these characters, I started to focus more on my future, and what I needed to do to become successful in life.

But, over the years I’ve tried to reform her. And, even still I want to change a few aspects about her, and the characters that I’ve grown to love (enemies included).  I want to write a book or make a game with them in it. But, my time is limited nowadays. I will always remember them though. At least the eight original Characters that come to mind—Camille/ Fammy, Butch/Ephy, Kris/ Windera, Selena/ Earthera, Jade/Icerella, Helen/Fira, and the youngest cast member: Rei.

Between those two seasons, if I remember correctly I started on a story called, In Her Life, in which Kris was kidnapped and Fammy and Ephy have to try to save her… but it was never finished. Honestly, most of my original fiction stories are. And, some I would actually like to rewrite and finish (for once).  And, I would like to write a great story of Super Fammy  one day. Well… once I rename her of course. I can’t leave her as Fammy because I “adopted” her name as my own handle (to the point where even my real life friends call me that).

[Also, on a side note, I have a blog on and at the moment it’s not being use for anything at the moment. It’s suppose to be use as a original fiction blog. But, I haven’t written anything for awhile (hoping this will change soon). So, to keep it updated I’m going to post a few of these blogs on there to keep it updated.]

I would like to write a new Super Fammy [origin] story. It has been years, since I went down this path. The last time I probably wrote about this was in 2005. Since then I adopted the name, “Fammy”. Actually, I adopted the name earlier. I played Endless Online for awhile after I moved up to Rocklin (from San Jose). I wanted to name my character Fam, but that name was to short since the game wanted 5-6 letters for a user handle thus, Fammy was created. For those curious, the name “Fam” was a name of a character that was half-cat, half-human in “Ruin Explorer.”

A few months later, and a handful of guilds later I started writing. Writing has been my fashion since I was in high school. Although, I mostly wrote fan fiction. I don’t anymore, at least I try not to. I started this story of Super Fammy. She lived in an apartment complex, with a new neighbor (as of 2009?) Karth and Karen. Their last name escape me, because they weren’t apart of the original batch of characters.

Fammy’s side-kick was a police officer named Butch Sanders, who lived with his girlfriend Char Phillips. They were family friends. Butch always helped Camille (Super Fammy’s identity). Camille did have a boyfriend/husband at one point in time depending on which version the reader had read it would be Dobie or Aaron. It wouldn’t matter the said person would have been evil. Char’s role in the story was support. She would watch Camille’s daughter, Rei– who was artificially made. Then there were the four sisters- Kris, Helen, Jade and Selena. Kris and Fammy were the youngest– in the story. Helen and Jade were the next youngest. They were in college. The oldest was Selena. Her sisters watched over the elements- Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Butch could see into the past/future and the present. While Camille and power over love… I think.

I’ve been reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins lately. In the first ten pages I had felt something for Katniss and Gale already. So much that I cried when I continued to read Chapter One, and Three. I haven’t read in awhile so I’m happy that I’m experiencing these emotions again. Especially in the hype of everything.

I turned in my Business 9 test yesterday, and I don’t think I did well on it. It makes me sad, and I know I have to work extra hard in that class to pass. I didn’t do so well last time. But, I won’t give up. Not this time around.

I have a quiz next Tuesday, and I need to start to study for that and the midterm (which is two weeks away from Thursday). We’ll see how well I do then. We haven’t even gotten our quizzes back from the last quiz yet. Oh well. Today will be a busy day since I’m going to play catch up for the Art Journals, and get a day ahead in Income Tax. Although, I do miss accounting classes…


Life has been going good. I’m in Business 09 (Income Tax) and Art 1A (Art History) this semester. This is suppose to be my last semester, but I don’t know… I kind of messed up the certificate process. I had other things in my mind when I was filling it out. Secretly, I hope that it works out in the end. But who knows. Plus, my mom thinks she’s helping me, but all she is doing is causing me me stress. It kind of sucks. I know what I’m suppose to do, and yet she never helps.

I started playing Wakfu this weekend. It’s a free to play mmo that requires you to pay for features that I believe should be free. I did enjoy my experience with the game though. It just sucks that you have to pay to be able to level up professions…

I’ve bought Kingdom’s of Amular in the past month. I’ve only played roughly about twenty hours of it. I’ve been busy with school, life and whatnot. It took me 11 or so hours to finish the quest in the first area (that was from the demo). I choose a female Dokkalfar for my first run through of the game. I like the fact you can go a diplomatic way (in some quest) and you can say, “screw it all” and become evil.

Other than that there’s nothing else to say. I’m hoping to write a story soon. Maybe. At least that’s what I’m hoping for during Spring Break.