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Movies and Birthdays

It’s my dad’s birthday today, and he’s turning 62. Many things have happened in his lifetime. Like the Lunar Landing… Anyway, we will probably celebrate tonight by having a nice home cooked meal. I was thinking to bake a cake for my father, but I didn’t buy the ingredients to make a german chocolate cake and I wish I did.

Yesterday, Chris and I went to go see Salt. It was an awesome movie and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I had really enjoyed the movie. My mom wants to go see it as well, but she said she’d go and see it with my dad.


Not much has happened over the past few days. Been living a life in a small shell that has been built upon my life thanks to the restrictions that my mother has decided to put on my life. Even more since she had decided to milk the California Government.

Even more so since I am having my own problems in my personal life. But whatever. Things will get better. Except they have a way of getting worse before they do. I’m out of my wit’s end on this. I want to become a better person and the only way that it seems I would be a better person if I didn’t drag people down. Yet, lyrics come to mind when I think of my own mother:  For my own sanity, I have to close the door and walk away.

I’ve been editing Project One Heart. It has two chapter thus far. I am at the moment searching for my muse who has mysteriously disappeared in the last week. But, I’ll find her, I am determined to finished what I have started… determined to fix the mess I made. But, one thing at a time.

First thing is to try and get into CIS 30 at Sierra College.  I want a normal life. I would like to go through the trails that the normal people go through everyday. I would like to become my own person, and I think there’s no time as the present.

A novel idea?

I was browsing an RPG Maker webpage.  And, I found this interesting thing that I want to play with. It’s called Ren’py. I got interested, and decided to muck around with it a bit. I decided to try to make a Kinetic Visual Novel, which means the player could just sit back and read the novel.

The novel I had decided to do was the first Super Fammy Origins story. I will just try it out, and if people seem to like it I’ll make more. But, then again I am working on my own project– “Project One Heart”. I could use that but that would  take forever to make.  Here’s a screenshot for testing this out:

Anyway, school’s a go for next semester (Fall 2010). I turned in the rest of the financial aid stuff this morning and am now waiting for my consular to e-mail me back. So, I’m going to hope everything goes alright, and Chris and I will be able to get out things before school starts.

About Friday…

Well, I was going to post something about my life on Friday. But, I didn’t feel like typing something on Friday. Then again, I did. I typed a paragraph, and posted something about my writing project. Anyway, I went out on Friday to watch  The Last Airbender. I’ve only seen very few episodes in the entire series.

It was a good movie, I thought. But, then again I read on Youtube that the only the people who like the movie was people who never watched the series before.  I’m kinda ashamed that I’m one of those people. But, I’d probably only watch it if I had someone to watch it with.

Afterward, we went to Fish and Chips in Roseville, that is near the Oriental Market.  I love going to Fish and Chips with my boyfriend. It’s exciting and different because we don’t do it often. Mostly, we go eat at Round Table or something of the sort.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the day indoors at Best Buy and Barnes and Nobles. We had looked at computers and video games. Math Wiz tried to do some type of Math challenge on Brain Age. And, I bought a new book called, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.  I’ve only read three chapters, but I’m loving the book.

Okay guys this is a project I’ve been working on since July 3, 2010. I’ve just barely finished the prologue, and would like to know if anyone is willing to read this story. Anyway, here is a snippit of the said story, or in this case the opennin paragraphs (mind you this is a page long and the prologue is roughly about 4-5 pages long).

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A new home…

Hello world.

I decided to move from my old home at blogspot to here. Reason why is I was starting to get tired of morating the comments that seemed inapporpiate for my viewers (since about a handful of them are related to me). It was time to move on anyway. I still have my other blogs up there too so who knows if I’ll come back there or not.

Aside from all that (the move) I’ve been working on a story. It’s going to take awhile to write as well. I’ve only started the prologue (which is four pages) and will continue working on it through the next school term– hopefully.  I’m happy about getting back into writing though.

The last school year I took two English courses and it pretty much killed my ability to write.  And, this writing project I want to go through various drafts. I think that will be the best part. I hope I will not get bored with that. Anyway, more later.