Hello world.

I decided to move from my old home at blogspot to here. Reason why is I was starting to get tired of morating the comments that seemed inapporpiate for my viewers (since about a handful of them are related to me). It was time to move on anyway. I still have my other blogs up there too so who knows if I’ll come back there or not.

Aside from all that (the move) I’ve been working on a story. It’s going to take awhile to write as well. I’ve only started the prologue (which is four pages) and will continue working on it through the next school term– hopefully.  I’m happy about getting back into writing though.

The last school year I took two English courses and it pretty much killed my ability to write.  And, this writing project I want to go through various drafts. I think that will be the best part. I hope I will not get bored with that. Anyway, more later.