Okay guys this is a project I’ve been working on since July 3, 2010. I’ve just barely finished the prologue, and would like to know if anyone is willing to read this story. Anyway, here is a snippit of the said story, or in this case the opennin paragraphs (mind you this is a page long and the prologue is roughly about 4-5 pages long).

It began a few decades ago, on a rainy evening. If one person asked why he’d tell you that’s when his mother walked back into his father’s life. He hadn’t met his father then. It wouldn’t be until a few weeks later he’d meet his father in person. Of course, he wouldn’t have remember the meeting anyway. He was only three or four at the time. But, he smiled as he sat down in front of his parents’ gravestones.

“Hi Ma. Pa.” he said, and he closed his eyes and remembered how he played a part of his father’s proposal to his mother. It pleased him that his father had come back to them. But, he’d never tell his father that. Even now. Behind him, his wife, a raven haired, blue-eyed woman put her palm on his shoulder.

“They lived a happy life Jordan.” she simply said.

Jordan ran his palm through his brunette hair. His gray eyes traveled upward until he met his wife’s eyes.

“I know.”

“You never told me how your parents got together dear,” she said after awhile of silence.

They were in his black convertible. His mother always loved flowers on a day like today. But, then again he always came by every Mother’s Day, Father’s day or anniversary. Even before his mother died both of them would go together. After that he asked his wife Angela to accompany him on these dates. They had set it aside for the last five years.

And, Jordan had always told her everything she had asked. She knew he got his father strapping young looks and his mother’s unusually thick hair. But, now she wanted to know how they got together in the first place. And, he wasn’t quite sure how to tell her quite yet.

But, he decided to. It was a now or never sort of thing. At least in his mind. He pulled over into a small park. There was almost no one around to bother them so he parked the car. The two got out and walked over to a tree and sat down– Jordan leaning on the tree, and Angie laid her head on his lap.

“Well, Angie,” he said putting some thought into it. “My mother, Julia Reynolds; had decided to go back to school years ago…”