I was browsing an RPG Maker webpage.  And, I found this interesting thing that I want to play with. It’s called Ren’py. I got interested, and decided to muck around with it a bit. I decided to try to make a Kinetic Visual Novel, which means the player could just sit back and read the novel.

The novel I had decided to do was the first Super Fammy Origins story. I will just try it out, and if people seem to like it I’ll make more. But, then again I am working on my own project– “Project One Heart”. I could use that but that would  take forever to make.  Here’s a screenshot for testing this out:

Anyway, school’s a go for next semester (Fall 2010). I turned in the rest of the financial aid stuff this morning and am now waiting for my consular to e-mail me back. So, I’m going to hope everything goes alright, and Chris and I will be able to get out things before school starts.