School is starting in a week, and summer has been a blast.

  • This summer I celebrated my first anniversary with my boyfriend. We had gone out and have a lunch date at Dave and Busters. The place had opened a month earlier. Then we celebrated by playing a few games at the resturant, and with Recess Ice Cream.
  • We’ve gone and visited my grandparents back in July and I got roughly around $100.  Chris and I were going to use it to go to the California state fair. But, we decided against it. Instead, we decided to go see a movie (“Despicable Me”) and hangout.
  • Rex moved out of the house again. I had more respect for him when he lived in Irvine. But, now…
  • I’m dying to see my friends, and go mini-golfing with them, since it will be the first time I ever went and Jenny says we should.

Well, School starts… in one week. I have a CIS class, and Accounting 3 class. I can’t wait till school begins, but I also know I’m going to have to work my butt off so I can get my certificate at the end of 2011. So, there’s that.