Well, it’s been a few days since the mall fire. Well, five days since, but whose counting?

I was at school when it happened. And, when I heard it I didn’t really pay any attention because I was paying attention to the card game in front of me, even though I don’t know much about it. In my CIS class we were taking a mid-term, and as I was leaving at 3PM my teacher and the tutor were talking about it and she put it up on screen for everyone to see. Still, I thought nothing of it.

When I got home, my mom told me and I stared at the screen of our broken television. I didn’t have all the facts so I decided to look it up on KCRA 3’s webpage. And sure enough I began reading the article’s and telling my boyfriend all the facts. I also remember telling him I’m glad we didn’t drive down there. But, then again we almost never go down there after school.

During the past weekend, I kept watch of the latest news of the Aftermath of the mall fire. Still I didn’t believe it, because in my mind it’s unbelievable. Then, today as we drove by the mall I decided to look for myself. It looks like nothing’s happening. But, that’s probably because its nighttime and crews are on break (they’re in 24/7 mode.

I remembered that one of the last times Chris and I were at the mall we decided to eat outside on the balcony. We were talking and watching the birds stop and pick pieces on the ground. One bird, Chris had pointed out to me. The poor bird had only one leg. We watched it for awhile as we at.

I also remember that as we got up, I heard someone say, “Poor bird! It has no leg.” And, we went back into the mall.

…I still don’t believe what has happened to our mall…