School is half over with for the semester. I aced my computer science mid-term as well. Life been going great, for the most part. I’m just letting life pass me by slowly enjoying the time I spend at school. For those who don’t really know me, I dislike school. It’s a pain to get up every morning and get ready and just go… especially if you don’t drive. Half the time I’m in school I’m stressed out because I’m learning stuff for my place in life. Yet, it feels like whatever I do it’s unsatisfactory to my own mother.

On the home front, theres bits and pieces that always  seem to annoy the hell out of me, and I can’t really do a thing about it because like I said I can’t drive. I live on the edge of town as well, and the closet thing is bare grass and such. And, it seems the only thing that keeps my mom entertain (she doesn’t work) is Red Hawk and/or  Thunder Valley. I, on the other hand, don’t really like casinos. I just don’t get the concept of loosing money to make a person happy.

But, then again I feel like I’m at a  loss for my own personal life. Movies and lunch is one thing. But, I am itching to have a bit of fun now and again. I still have those free mini golf tickets in my truck too (er, box that I bought at Ross this pass summer). Hmm… maybe I’m complaining to much? Well, whatever. These are just my thoughts, and I don’t update this blog often enough…

What are some good yet fun things to do on a date anyway?