Today was regular day. I went to school and I’m trying to force myself to stay at school and apply myself to my work. I know if I go home I will put off the work that needs to be done until the last minute. I also know if I’m at school it would motivate me to do my homework, and get my work done.

My goals are simple. I want to finish my education. I want to get my Business Certificate. I don’t know what I can do with it. All I know is if I set my mind to it then I should be able to accomplish anything. When I got home this afternoon my mom was like “Why did you stay so late?” It might be all an excuse to her why I stay so late. But, what I tell her is the truth.

We really don’t have the cash to go out and buy Office 2007, because of our financial situation, so I am really considering to do all my computer work in the labs. She may fuss and/or bicker. But, I don’t care. The last computer class I took at Sierra College I got an A in. And, I want to achieve an A in CIS50 as well. She won’t stop me.

It’s just two more semesters until I start real life and I can’t wait~!