The last two days have been excruciating. My CIS 50 teacher had me go through a run around, on a bad day. Yesterday, I thought I could take the test. And, apparently had to run around the campus trying to figure out what to do. I couldn’t take the test as planned. Instead I had to e-mail the teacher (which I ended up doing twice), and running around a whole lot.

I’ve done this before… about a year ago. I signed in for a test and found out my Nutrition teacher did not put the test in the testing center (she had forgotten). I had to go between the testing center a few times. I hated that especially when I was interrupted the test takers. Yet, in retrospect; I remember making contact with my eyes on Chris (who ironicly moved across the classroom to sit by me).

This class will be loads of fun. It made me miss spending time with my family already (even though I know I wouldn’t spend time with them). I was kind of looking forward to going down there, but was a bit skeptical because of that whole mess I went through yesterday. The mess lead me to sleeping early because of this headache that wouldn’t stop.