A lot has time passed since I updated last. Ugh. It’s the final stretch of school for me. I’ve been helping my boyfriend with his game and working on a small writing project here and there. I’ve been feeling more tired than I should be over the past few weeks, well I understand why I’m tired today I was up at five am or so. I’m so not liking the medication I HAVE to be on. I have to rest for one hour per day just because of it.

It’s just two more days of school and then all this torture ends. I’ve been busy trying to pass my classes Accounting 09 (Federal Accounting) and CiS50 (Intro to Windows… or something). I know I’ll pass 50, but Accounting, I highly doubt it. It’s the hardest class I have taken in awhile.  I’m inspired to write at the moment then drawing. I kind of want to write a Visual Novel on Renpy’s Engine. I’ve started a story too, but haven’t had time to work on it, since finals have come and gone. Plus, I still have another final on Thursday to do.

Other than that, my life’s been a little hectic. We had a death in the family just recently. I’m coping alright, I guess. It was scary the first couple of nights because I could feel his presence in the room I was staying in. It freaked me out so much that I had to sleep with my parents. If i didn’t believe in ghost before, I do now. Especially since I saw something move in my computer screen (it was just air). Then felt something move and was watching me. But, nothing was there…