Yesterday was awesome. After school my mom and I headed over to the Galleria Mall in Roseville. It was really busy. Now, for those who don’t know there was a fire there around mid-late October last year. And, a wing of the mall got shut down. Anyway, it reopened yesterday.  And, I went to see what new stores have been added, and what stores been taken away.

Sanrio had actually been added. It closed down sometime before the fire and with this grand reopening there is now a Sanrio Express there, which I’m happy about. I haven’t been to a Sanrio in years.  I bought a MyMelody doll there. She’s sitting on my nightstand for now. When I clean my desk, sometime this weekend; I’ll put her there along with a penguin from Madagascar, the Mad Hatter and Yokomon.

The place that I’m mostly impressed with is the Disney Store. It looks better than it did a year ago… glass walls and all. And, they have play things kids… and even adults can go into. I actually bought a Nala (from Lion King) doll from there too. I’m thinking of buying Simba as well when I get enough money.

…There was also music playing and people singing in front of JCPennys and Macy’s…

I called my mom after I was done shopping and tired from all that walking… and I am still tired. It didn’t help that I was wearing boots. It had rained earlier in the day so I took precautions to make myself warm, because of it. The sun came out at noon and stayed out to play for the rest of the day.