My new necklace on my new lion cub

My mom and I went to San Jose this past weekend. It was my nephew’s birthday dinner. His birthday was last Wednesday. I opted out though and decided to hang with my friends. In retrospect, I’m glad that I did too. I have my reasons… Anyway, Friday night we were thinking of going to see Abduction, but we didn’t because service at Red Robin kind of took forever, and the manager was walking around. I’m surprise he didn’t come back and asked how the service was if he did he’d had to listen to David to make his compliments.

So instead, of seeing a movie we bought two quarts of ice cream: Smores and Fudge Brownie Yogurt. I think everyone liked the smores flavor than the one I picked out. And, that’s fine by me. We did look at the Red Box, but there was nothing good. Jenny did say she wanted to watch Beastly because it looked good. But, we didn’t rent anything. We went back to the house and played a few games: Twister and Sorry. By the time we were finished it was 1AM.

The next day Sylvia and I went to Eastridge and walked around for a while. Then we went and picked up her mom and ate at some Mexican restaurant. The food was good. I let myself indulge in a root bear, like I did the night before (Sprite).   We then went to Target and looked at toys. I was interested in this seven phrased alarm clock. We also looked at board games.

When we got home we ate some ice cream and begun watching Magic Hour (a Charmed Episode). We didn’t finish the episode, because we decided to go and see Abduction at 4:40 with Jenny and her boyfriend. We had got to the theater first and I used my AMC gift card to buy my ticket and snacks for Sylvia and I. The other two didn’t come till the movie was about to start.

After the movie we went to Barnes and Noble and looked at books. Sylvia seemed so interested in the relationships section, even though she doesn’t have a boyfriend. I just followed jenny around, because I didn’t want to get lost (it’s a bookstore. I love bookstores). We finished the night at Macaroni Grill and said our goodbyes then. When we got back to the house we finished the Charmed episode, which was 5-10 minutes, and started watching A Little Princess.

The next day we finished Lion King, which we started on Friday, before I got picked up and went home.