The Adventures of Super Fammy consisted of 13-15 stories (two seasons in my mind). Between those two “seasons” I’ve added new people (i.e. Karth and Karen).  Around the time I stop writing about these characters, I started to focus more on my future, and what I needed to do to become successful in life.

But, over the years I’ve tried to reform her. And, even still I want to change a few aspects about her, and the characters that I’ve grown to love (enemies included).  I want to write a book or make a game with them in it. But, my time is limited nowadays. I will always remember them though. At least the eight original Characters that come to mind—Camille/ Fammy, Butch/Ephy, Kris/ Windera, Selena/ Earthera, Jade/Icerella, Helen/Fira, and the youngest cast member: Rei.

Between those two seasons, if I remember correctly I started on a story called, In Her Life, in which Kris was kidnapped and Fammy and Ephy have to try to save her… but it was never finished. Honestly, most of my original fiction stories are. And, some I would actually like to rewrite and finish (for once).  And, I would like to write a great story of Super Fammy  one day. Well… once I rename her of course. I can’t leave her as Fammy because I “adopted” her name as my own handle (to the point where even my real life friends call me that).

[Also, on a side note, I have a blog on and at the moment it’s not being use for anything at the moment. It’s suppose to be use as a original fiction blog. But, I haven’t written anything for awhile (hoping this will change soon). So, to keep it updated I’m going to post a few of these blogs on there to keep it updated.]