It’s so sad to see NP (Nintendo Power) go. And, to think I use to get the magazines as a child. They have also changed over the years. I bought a copy of their magazine yesterday. I looked through it, but haven’t read the article’s as of yet.

I read some of the letters in Pulse though. My favorite letter from that section will always be about that kid who wrote in about Epona’s song. He said, “he was waiting for the bus and he was humming Epona’s song. A minute later (or so) the bus came.”

I had the fondest moments with Nintendo systems over the years. We grew up on the SNES. It’s also thanks to my brother, who got me into Harvest Moon for the SNES. I had a surgery, which lead me unable to walk for some months. He rented Harvest Moon for me on week, and I don’t remember if I fell in love with the series then or not. It was interesting to say the least. I know I was sad to see it end.

Another of my favorite memories, when looking back; is half-watching my brother get to the Temple of time and meeting Rauru for the first time. I was sitting back and had beat Pokemon Red for the first time.

We stopped getting NP after my brother “lost” our N64 controllers (they were stolen by a neighbor). Plus, he the got a PS1 (shortly) afterward. He didn’t play any Nintendo systems much anymore. And, this is starting to sound like a gaming creepypasta that I read. Trust me it won’t end like that. It’s just me reminiscing on my life being a fan girl.

I got into handheld gaming then. I first got a fushia pink GBA, and brought that to school to play Pokemon Ruby. I played the game a lot during lunch with my friends. And, then we moved (I am unsure if I got a SP system). When I moved up here, I asked my parents for a GameCube, and I got to buy my own Phat DS system. I gave away my Phat DS system to my cousin (because I was either force or told to). But, I sold it nontheless. I got a DSL, afterwards. And, from then on I got the upgraded versions of the DS (Dsi).

Even though, I just ran through the list of DS systems in the last paragraph, I know I will always be a fan girl of Nintendo. Mostly because I love Harvest Moon. And, Harvest Moon games (for the most part) have been releasing on their systems. Yet, it’s mostly on the handhelds. And, ironically so has Pokemon games. I’ve already missed one 3DS Harvest Moon game (and no I’m not going to rebuy it). I already own it.

Now, I think I will play some Ocarina of Time (NP’s number one game of all time) on my Wii. I still want this game on my 3DS.