So, another Christmas has come and gone. I got a few things. One of the favorite things I got was from my Auntie Susan. It’s a mini-massager. That will come in handy– unless my mom decides to hide it from me (like she has done with a few things of mine). I also got a Gir beanie which feels so warm, and comfortable to wear. So, I believe this year was a good haul (from people who are indirectly to me).

I know family and friends are the most important things during this time of the year. But, watching almost everyone around me get more presents then me (at my family gathering) just upset me. I think it’s because everyone is younger than I. But, still… We did Secret Santa this year. I believe I just got someone else’s Christmas present, because the pajamas didn’t fit me at all. I tried it last night, and the shirt felt small.

Well, we went to Auntie Susan’s on Christmas. That’s where I got the messager. She was saying that the $20 was more important. But honestly, I think the massager is since I’m also dealing with stress. When I got home, I wanted to play Metro 2033 a bit more, but I decided against it, and started playing Dragon Quest IX. I’m on the final boss, and I am determined to beat the game, especially on my brand new 3DS XL. I’ve been wanting a 3DS for awhile too. So, I’m pretty happy.