About The Author

Fam is a twenty-five year old living in the state of California. She attends college and is going for her certificate in Accounting. During her free time she loves to read, draw, hang out with friends, and play video games. As of right now she lives with both her mother and father.

About Fading Hikari

“Fading Hikari” was a blog that the author had on blogspot for about five years give or take. It was put up around 2003 and updated regularly until mid-2004. The author had than decided to move to live journal for a few years, and made some new friends during her time there. Then, back in 2008; the author had decided to move back to blogspot grabbing her old url there.

Until recently, she has had a fun time at blogspot, yet she’s been hating the comments she’s been getting. They were not kid-friendly comments. Thus the move to wordpress. Hopefully, she’ll have a pleasant time here.