Category: Books

I’ve been reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins lately. In the first ten pages I had felt something for Katniss and Gale already. So much that I cried when I continued to read Chapter One, and Three. I haven’t read in awhile so I’m happy that I’m experiencing these emotions again. Especially in the hype of everything.

I turned in my Business 9 test yesterday, and I don’t think I did well on it. It makes me sad, and I know I have to work extra hard in that class to pass. I didn’t do so well last time. But, I won’t give up. Not this time around.

I have a quiz next Tuesday, and I need to start to study for that and the midterm (which is two weeks away from Thursday). We’ll see how well I do then. We haven’t even gotten our quizzes back from the last quiz yet. Oh well. Today will be a busy day since I’m going to play catch up for the Art Journals, and get a day ahead in Income Tax. Although, I do miss accounting classes…


About Friday…

Well, I was going to post something about my life on Friday. But, I didn’t feel like typing something on Friday. Then again, I did. I typed a paragraph, and posted something about my writing project. Anyway, I went out on Friday to watch  The Last Airbender. I’ve only seen very few episodes in the entire series.

It was a good movie, I thought. But, then again I read on Youtube that the only the people who like the movie was people who never watched the series before.  I’m kinda ashamed that I’m one of those people. But, I’d probably only watch it if I had someone to watch it with.

Afterward, we went to Fish and Chips in Roseville, that is near the Oriental Market.  I love going to Fish and Chips with my boyfriend. It’s exciting and different because we don’t do it often. Mostly, we go eat at Round Table or something of the sort.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the day indoors at Best Buy and Barnes and Nobles. We had looked at computers and video games. Math Wiz tried to do some type of Math challenge on Brain Age. And, I bought a new book called, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.  I’ve only read three chapters, but I’m loving the book.