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A lot has time passed since I updated last. Ugh. It’s the final stretch of school for me. I’ve been helping my boyfriend with his game and working on a small writing project here and there. I’ve been feeling more tired than I should be over the past few weeks, well I understand why I’m tired today I was up at five am or so. I’m so not liking the medication I HAVE to be on. I have to rest for one hour per day just because of it.

It’s just two more days of school and then all this torture ends. I’ve been busy trying to pass my classes Accounting 09 (Federal Accounting) and CiS50 (Intro to Windows… or something). I know I’ll pass 50, but Accounting, I highly doubt it. It’s the hardest class I have taken in awhile.  I’m inspired to write at the moment then drawing. I kind of want to write a Visual Novel on Renpy’s Engine. I’ve started a story too, but haven’t had time to work on it, since finals have come and gone. Plus, I still have another final on Thursday to do.

Other than that, my life’s been a little hectic. We had a death in the family just recently. I’m coping alright, I guess. It was scary the first couple of nights because I could feel his presence in the room I was staying in. It freaked me out so much that I had to sleep with my parents. If i didn’t believe in ghost before, I do now. Especially since I saw something move in my computer screen (it was just air). Then felt something move and was watching me. But, nothing was there…



The last two days have been excruciating. My CIS 50 teacher had me go through a run around, on a bad day. Yesterday, I thought I could take the test. And, apparently had to run around the campus trying to figure out what to do. I couldn’t take the test as planned. Instead I had to e-mail the teacher (which I ended up doing twice), and running around a whole lot.

I’ve done this before… about a year ago. I signed in for a test and found out my Nutrition teacher did not put the test in the testing center (she had forgotten). I had to go between the testing center a few times. I hated that especially when I was interrupted the test takers. Yet, in retrospect; I remember making contact with my eyes on Chris (who ironicly moved across the classroom to sit by me).

This class will be loads of fun. It made me miss spending time with my family already (even though I know I wouldn’t spend time with them). I was kind of looking forward to going down there, but was a bit skeptical because of that whole mess I went through yesterday. The mess lead me to sleeping early because of this headache that wouldn’t stop.


I had quite an adventure today… well, not really. Apparently Professor Jenson wants to be a “new student” in my accounting class. My teacher was saying that he had to go back to school, and I just laughed. I kinda wished he saw me, and said “Hi”. But, he didn’t. Oh well.

I saw a classmate that I didn’t talk to often last semester. I saw her in the computer lab– and I was kind of worried about her, because of the incident that happened last semester. I kind of hope I see Caroline this semester, but that would probably be later in the semester.

I think this federal income tax class is a blast. Hell, we never did get through the homework for Chapter One.


Today was regular day. I went to school and I’m trying to force myself to stay at school and apply myself to my work. I know if I go home I will put off the work that needs to be done until the last minute. I also know if I’m at school it would motivate me to do my homework, and get my work done.

My goals are simple. I want to finish my education. I want to get my Business Certificate. I don’t know what I can do with it. All I know is if I set my mind to it then I should be able to accomplish anything. When I got home this afternoon my mom was like “Why did you stay so late?” It might be all an excuse to her why I stay so late. But, what I tell her is the truth.

We really don’t have the cash to go out and buy Office 2007, because of our financial situation, so I am really considering to do all my computer work in the labs. She may fuss and/or bicker. But, I don’t care. The last computer class I took at Sierra College I got an A in. And, I want to achieve an A in CIS50 as well. She won’t stop me.

It’s just two more semesters until I start real life and I can’t wait~!


School has started up again. This time around I’m taking Federal Income Tax and CIS50. A lot of things has happened through the past two months. School had taken it’s toll on me. I completed CIS30 (with an A) and Business 3 (  Managerial Accounting with a B). I was mildly surprised that  I passed Managerial Accounting with that high of a grade.

In December my friends came up and visited me. We had some sort of Christmas Party, and hung around my house for the weekend. David had brought up his Playstation 3 and we played Rock Band (I think..) We sucked at it. We also went bowling at Rocklin Lanes, and played Sorry and Scattagories. I also got peeved by the end of their trip and didn’t really care… I just believed (and still do that my mom is trying to make some drama in my life)…

Not like I need it. I make my own drama in my life.

She did go to Philippines back in December, and recently came back. Drama in the PI as well– my grandmother was sick. I don’t know much about that though. Anyway, since I’m a gamer chick, I went into an obsession in the past month. I’ve been looking up survivor-horror games. I’ve been playing games like Silent Hill, and  Resident Evil. But, I never did played either of them. I want to play Resident Evil though, but that will be awhile.

Edit: I’m going to try to update this regularly since I go to school now everyday. I’m not even going to try for everyday, but I’ll shoot for every week. I’m also want to bring back my old video game blog into existence…


School is half over with for the semester. I aced my computer science mid-term as well. Life been going great, for the most part. I’m just letting life pass me by slowly enjoying the time I spend at school. For those who don’t really know me, I dislike school. It’s a pain to get up every morning and get ready and just go… especially if you don’t drive. Half the time I’m in school I’m stressed out because I’m learning stuff for my place in life. Yet, it feels like whatever I do it’s unsatisfactory to my own mother.

On the home front, theres bits and pieces that always  seem to annoy the hell out of me, and I can’t really do a thing about it because like I said I can’t drive. I live on the edge of town as well, and the closet thing is bare grass and such. And, it seems the only thing that keeps my mom entertain (she doesn’t work) is Red Hawk and/or  Thunder Valley. I, on the other hand, don’t really like casinos. I just don’t get the concept of loosing money to make a person happy.

But, then again I feel like I’m at a  loss for my own personal life. Movies and lunch is one thing. But, I am itching to have a bit of fun now and again. I still have those free mini golf tickets in my truck too (er, box that I bought at Ross this pass summer). Hmm… maybe I’m complaining to much? Well, whatever. These are just my thoughts, and I don’t update this blog often enough…

What are some good yet fun things to do on a date anyway?

School days…

School has started this week. It has been a long week as well. I’m in school for most of the afternoon, which pretty much sucks. The only thing that’s good about it is I can at least walk my boyfriend to class, and work on my homework during my break time.

In school I am taking Accounting 3 (managerial accounting). I find it fun and interesting.  I’m also  taking CIS 30 (Computer integrated Science). I can already tell that is going to be a fun class. I’ve already learned a few things from both courses.

In other news, I’m (slowly, but surely) am working on a few things. But, I’m unsure when I have a product worth anything. I scrapped the writing project I started at the beginning of July, because I lost inspiration and my muse. They “died” when I realized I’ve made a personal mistake.

Summer: A Look Back

School is starting in a week, and summer has been a blast.

  • This summer I celebrated my first anniversary with my boyfriend. We had gone out and have a lunch date at Dave and Busters. The place had opened a month earlier. Then we celebrated by playing a few games at the resturant, and with Recess Ice Cream.
  • We’ve gone and visited my grandparents back in July and I got roughly around $100.  Chris and I were going to use it to go to the California state fair. But, we decided against it. Instead, we decided to go see a movie (“Despicable Me”) and hangout.
  • Rex moved out of the house again. I had more respect for him when he lived in Irvine. But, now…
  • I’m dying to see my friends, and go mini-golfing with them, since it will be the first time I ever went and Jenny says we should.

Well, School starts… in one week. I have a CIS class, and Accounting 3 class. I can’t wait till school begins, but I also know I’m going to have to work my butt off so I can get my certificate at the end of 2011. So, there’s that.

Not much has happened over the past few days. Been living a life in a small shell that has been built upon my life thanks to the restrictions that my mother has decided to put on my life. Even more since she had decided to milk the California Government.

Even more so since I am having my own problems in my personal life. But whatever. Things will get better. Except they have a way of getting worse before they do. I’m out of my wit’s end on this. I want to become a better person and the only way that it seems I would be a better person if I didn’t drag people down. Yet, lyrics come to mind when I think of my own mother:  For my own sanity, I have to close the door and walk away.

I’ve been editing Project One Heart. It has two chapter thus far. I am at the moment searching for my muse who has mysteriously disappeared in the last week. But, I’ll find her, I am determined to finished what I have started… determined to fix the mess I made. But, one thing at a time.

First thing is to try and get into CIS 30 at Sierra College.  I want a normal life. I would like to go through the trails that the normal people go through everyday. I would like to become my own person, and I think there’s no time as the present.