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Happy New Year

Happy New Year~! I finally finished my certificate last year, so I am not going to school the next semester. I’m so happy that I don’t have to worry about that much. It’s been really hard and stressful the past few months. All I done was focus on my studies and my life. It was a bit refreshing. I didn’t play many MMO (mass multi-player games). I know if I was sucked into a new MMO then I probably wouldn’t have pass my course.

I’ve been having trouble with Income Tax. I decided this year that I should change my lifestle. My new year’s resolution are to get in shape, get a job, and to write in my journal more (I think blogs count as well?)…



So, another Christmas has come and gone. I got a few things. One of the favorite things I got was from my Auntie Susan. It’s a mini-massager. That will come in handy– unless my mom decides to hide it from me (like she has done with a few things of mine). I also got a Gir beanie which feels so warm, and comfortable to wear. So, I believe this year was a good haul (from people who are indirectly to me).

I know family and friends are the most important things during this time of the year. But, watching almost everyone around me get more presents then me (at my family gathering) just upset me. I think it’s because everyone is younger than I. But, still… We did Secret Santa this year. I believe I just got someone else’s Christmas present, because the pajamas didn’t fit me at all. I tried it last night, and the shirt felt small.

Well, we went to Auntie Susan’s on Christmas. That’s where I got the messager. She was saying that the $20 was more important. But honestly, I think the massager is since I’m also dealing with stress. When I got home, I wanted to play Metro 2033 a bit more, but I decided against it, and started playing Dragon Quest IX. I’m on the final boss, and I am determined to beat the game, especially on my brand new 3DS XL. I’ve been wanting a 3DS for awhile too. So, I’m pretty happy.


I would like to write a new Super Fammy [origin] story. It has been years, since I went down this path. The last time I probably wrote about this was in 2005. Since then I adopted the name, “Fammy”. Actually, I adopted the name earlier. I played Endless Online for awhile after I moved up to Rocklin (from San Jose). I wanted to name my character Fam, but that name was to short since the game wanted 5-6 letters for a user handle thus, Fammy was created. For those curious, the name “Fam” was a name of a character that was half-cat, half-human in “Ruin Explorer.”

A few months later, and a handful of guilds later I started writing. Writing has been my fashion since I was in high school. Although, I mostly wrote fan fiction. I don’t anymore, at least I try not to. I started this story of Super Fammy. She lived in an apartment complex, with a new neighbor (as of 2009?) Karth and Karen. Their last name escape me, because they weren’t apart of the original batch of characters.

Fammy’s side-kick was a police officer named Butch Sanders, who lived with his girlfriend Char Phillips. They were family friends. Butch always helped Camille (Super Fammy’s identity). Camille did have a boyfriend/husband at one point in time depending on which version the reader had read it would be Dobie or Aaron. It wouldn’t matter the said person would have been evil. Char’s role in the story was support. She would watch Camille’s daughter, Rei– who was artificially made. Then there were the four sisters- Kris, Helen, Jade and Selena. Kris and Fammy were the youngest– in the story. Helen and Jade were the next youngest. They were in college. The oldest was Selena. Her sisters watched over the elements- Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Butch could see into the past/future and the present. While Camille and power over love… I think.

Okay guys this is a project I’ve been working on since July 3, 2010. I’ve just barely finished the prologue, and would like to know if anyone is willing to read this story. Anyway, here is a snippit of the said story, or in this case the opennin paragraphs (mind you this is a page long and the prologue is roughly about 4-5 pages long).

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